Imagine what an ideal world ten years from now would be like. Write a letter from yourself in 2030 khổng lồ your present (2020) self, in which you describe the state of the world, the way people are living, & what you, yourself, are doing in society. In addition, include any important message that you might wish to lớn tell your present self. Lrbxr

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Dear Hoang Lam of 2020,Ten years may be a long way for yourself, you are enjoying the best moment of your so-called youth. It's been such a long time since you told me about your dream. How are you? vày you know that I want to lớn come back khổng lồ the previous ten years, I was an innocent girl, smiled all the time & lived within the hand of my family, my friends as well. Sometimes, I feel a bit lonely, I miss my grandmother who died several years ago & my parents always supporting me, my sister, my brother. The more mature I will indeed be, the more lonely I seem khổng lồ be. Nowadays, I'm twenty-seven; however, I need my family a lot because they eternally stand by my side no matter the outside world behaves me terribly. Thus, it's safer. Although I'm ready khổng lồ come lớn the adult stage, I'm still a child-like my grandma, my parents said. I & my sister, my brother, we have got lớn know how important the family atmosphere is, so we try to arrange our work schedule to have a meal together with our treasured parents. After all, we are back khổng lồ our daily mission. Every day, I wake up, I often remind myself khổng lồ be better and look up the xanh sky as much as possible. Vì you know my living world is dramatically changing, it's remarkably different from your current world? It's not about the fear of COVID-19 pandemic or the highly dangerous cancer disease, still, the distance between people and people is much further. I don't know what the reasons are, at times, I wonder whether it's because of their heavy work. Moreover, I realize that human becomes more selfish; whenever I wander along the street, I see they are in a hurry, no one can say "hello" each other. Healthy is much more important to me, I usually take care of myself with a breakfast lượt thích a king và a hot cup of coffee, then I immediately go khổng lồ work. Also, it's the period I recall much about my childhood.

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With the development of the 2030 society, everything is modernized. From the tranquil rural village lớn the city, all of the things are covered by many industrial factories, fewer rice fields. If ten years ago, you met many children who were beggars, lottery-ticket sellers, now each of them is provided with a proper job and brung khổng lồ school by the government. Motorbikes seem lớn disappear completely, instead, it's the luxurious cars appearing on the road. And one of my moving moments is people may sympathize with the disabled who used lớn be treated awfully. It has changed a lot, right? Momentarily, I become less coward, more upbeat, và stronger. I have graduated from the Foreign Trade University for five years; currently, I am devoting myself khổng lồ working as a financial manager in the oversea office. This is what my mom had wanted me lớn be in the future and I did. Especially, I am extremely delighted because I have many chances to lớn make voluntary trips come true. It is the happiest period, I'm able khổng lồ help the poor và remoted-area children, help them khổng lồ be more useful just by my experience. So meaningful! One more thing, I want to lớn tell you that I flew khổng lồ Paris in France, the country I regularly dream about. What I pictured in my dream until when I twenty-seven years old, I've painted step by step. & you? I observe that you're having a year left before joining the University exam, you are facing up khổng lồ a lot of problems; you should keep on moving forward though. Your failure today will be the premise in the next days. Yet another, they're lessons which motivate you in improving yourself. After all, it's simply a big challenge, you need lớn be patient & courageously khuyến mãi with. How hard it is, try your best, go ahead. Originally, life is a chain of days filled with trials; it's not a destination, it's a long journey. You don't know how tomorrow will be, but know how lớn create your own story, never give up. Fighting!