1. If you"re not already in edit mode, at the vị trí cao nhất right of your space, select Edit.

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2. On the canvas, select the circled + icon.

3. Select People.

4. Click to place the website part anywhere on the structure (floor). The property panel opens.

5. In the Name field, enter the name of the person whose organizational relationships you want to lớn show. If you vì chưng not enter a name, the name of the person authoring the space becomes the default.


6. (Optional) Select và enter Alternate text.

7. (Optional) If you want a podium khổng lồ appear below the org chart, select Show podium. Lớn set the distance between the org chart và the podium, use the Height from podium slider.

8. Select Save as draft or Publish.

Note: For guidance on sizing & placing web parts, see địa chỉ and use web parts in a SharePoint space.

Add actions khổng lồ an org chart (or people website part)

Actions make web parts interactive. You can select actions while editing your web part. After you save your space as a draft or publish it, they become interactive. Adding actions is optional.

1. While editing, select the org chart web part, and select the pencil icon. This opens the property panel. Scroll down lớn Actions.

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2. Select Add action.

When you select the web part, the On triggeraction occurs.

When you right-click (mouse) or press + hold (controller), More actions appears.


Note: A custom action is the (locked) On trigger action for this website part. To lớn configure More actions, select Add action, & then select ... (ellipsis). Lớn re-order the actions, drag them into the order you want.

3. For More actions, select from the following:

Link to lớn another space: Opens a linked SharePoint space.

Play audio: Plays an attached audio file.

Link to a page or item: Opens a linked URL (for example, a SharePoint page, a public website).

4. (Optional) Enter a Description.

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5. Lớn try out your actions, select Save as draft or Publish.


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