Giáo Án Tiếng Anh Lớp 8 Cả Năm


Giáo án trọn cỗ lớp 8 môn giờ Anh xin được gửi đến các thầy cô giáo bộ Giáo án môn tiếng Anh lớp 8. Giáo án được biên soạn theo hiệ tượng giáo án điện tử rất dễ dàng cho thầy cô xem thêm và góp tiết kiệm thời gian soạn giáo án ship hàng cho việc giảng dạy. Mời các thầy cô cùng sở hữu về để thấy trọn cỗ giáo án môn giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 8. Chúc thầy cô và những em có những tiết học tập hay.

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- review the structures they have learnt

- Develop listening và speaking skills


- Grammar: + Tenses

+ So, too, either, neither

+ Exclamation

+ Prepositions

+ Wh - questions

III. TECHNIQUES: - Communicative approach

IV. TEACHING AIDS: - Chalks, tables


1/ Drills:

a. Tenses :

- Teacher gives some examples

- Sts: recognize the form of verb

- Asks them to lớn repeat how lớn use tenses


1. He usually goes to school at sit

2. They are here

3. She is reading now

4. Lan will buy a bike next week

5. I watched TV last night

6. We saw him yesterday

7. You were happy last night

Present simple

Present simple

Present progress

Future simple

Past simple

Past simple

Past simple

2/ So, too, either, neither

- So , too








T: Use the extra board và gives some examples

Sts: Fill in the blanks

T: correct the mistakes

Sts: Listen và copy down


1. I am thirsty, and so is he

2. Lan gets up at six , and they do, too

3. He isn"t well, and you aren"t, either

4. I can"t swim, and neither can she

3/ Exclamations

What + a /an + adj + n !

- T guides them how to lớn write the sentences

- Sts: listen và practice

- T: corrects the mistakes


1. What a lovely day!

2. What an old car!

3. What good tea!

4/ Prepositions:

- T: have sts danh mục prepositions

- Sts:

+ read the prepositions listed

+ Work in pairs lớn complete the sentences

+ Exchange the result

- T:

+ have sts write the answers on the board

+ Corrects the mistakes


1. How far is it from your house khổng lồ school ?

2. My birthday is in June

3. Her house is in hue

4. The house is between the lake and the garden

5. Lan gets up at six

5/ Wh - questions:

- T: ask them khổng lồ match the questions & answers

- T: explain how to match the sentences

- Sts: match the sentences

- T: correct the mistakes




1. Why does Minh"s tooth bust

2. How far is it from your house to lớn the zoo?

3. What did he vì last night?

4. What time does she have lunch?

5. How long did they stay there?

6. Where vì chưng you live?

a. In Hanoi

b. For ten days

c. She has lunch at 11

d. Because he has a cavity

e. He reads books

f. About 2 km

*Answer: 1b, 2f, 3e, 4c, 5b, 6a


T: have sts make more questions và answers about their own life using the simple past tense

Ex: What did you do last summer ?

I went swimming

VII. Remember and homework

- T reminds 5 grammartical points

- Sts: vày exercises (exercise book)



I/ Put the correct tense:

1. Mary often (get)……………up early.

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2. Look! It (rain)………………heavily.

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3. Yesterday, My family (go) …….to visit ourn gandparents

4. What you (go)………….next week?

5. We usually (meet)…………each other after school.

II/ Fill in the brackets with the correct word or phrase:

1. My birthday is…………..May 25 (in,on,at,of)

2. How ……… it from your house to lớn school (often, far, long,much)

3. My mother doesn’t like eating fish, ………does my father (too, so, either, neither)