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Full name : . Class : PART A: PHONETICS: I.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. 1. A. Hey B. Honey C. Obey D. Grey 2. A. Happy B. House C. Here D. Hour 3. A. Maps B. Papers C. Cats D. Books 4. A. Pollution B. Question C. Education D. Action 5. A. Healthy B. Ahead C. Bread D. Seatbelt 6. A. Those B. There C. That D. Thanks 7.A. Walked B. Opened C. Stopped D. Watched 8.A. Frightened B. Amazed C. Disappointed D. Terrified 9. A. Thread B. Beam C. Breath D. Stead 10.A. Ahead B. Bread C. Pleasant D. Seatbelt Question II. Find the word which has different bao tay pattern from the others. 1.A. Answer B. Listen C. Enter D. Obey 2.A. Tidy B. Complete C. Extend D. Mistake PART B: VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR: I. Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D khổng lồ complete each of the following sentences. 1. Linda used to ___ morning exercise when she got up early. A. Did B. Does C. Doing D. Vị 2. My mum ___the bus khổng lồ work every day, but I cycle. A. Catches B. Drives C. Goes D. Runs 3. You should look right và left when you go ___the road. A. Down B. Across C. Up D. Along 4. Bus is the main public ___in Viet Nam. A.travel B. Tricycle C. Transport D. Vehicle 5. The play was so boring. ___, An saw it from beginning to end. A. Therefore B. Despite C. However D. Although 6. She’s sure that they will find the film___. A. Entertaining B. Entertain C. Entertainment D. Entertained 7. – “ vì chưng you like seeing a film?” – “___” A. No, I don’t lượt thích it at all B. Sure. What film shall we see? C. Who is in it? D. I’m sorry, I can’t. 8. ___ being frightened by the images, Lan still liked the film so much. A. In spite B. Despite C. Although D. Nevertheless 9. ___ is La Tomatina celebrated? – Every August. A. Where B. Why C. When D. Which 10. My father liked the ___ of that singer. A. Perform B. Performer C. Performance D. Performing 11.The boys ___ home for lunch because they are planning khổng lồ visit the hydro power station. A. Have not come B. Do not come C. Will not be coming D. Is not coming 12. We should ___ low energy light bulbs. A. Use B. Using C. Used D. To lớn use 13. What about___ to the cinema tonight ? A. Going B. To go C. Goes D. Goes II. Complete the dialogue with the correct tense of the verbs in brackets . 1.I often (meet) my friends on Sundays.2.They ( play ) football at the moment. 3.I’m trying (finish) my work. Please, stop (talk) . 4.She paid for her ticket và (leave) . 5.Yesterday , nam ( go ) lớn school. 6.The sun (rise ) in the east. III. Use the words given in brackets to size a word that fits in the space. (10 points) 1.He tried lớn learn Chinese but he was ___. (SUCCESS) 2.He will never forget his happy ___. (CHILD) 3.How is your grandfather? – He is much ___ today. (WELL) 4.I watch TV every day because it is very ___. (INFORM) 5.We must keep our environment ___. (POLLUTE) PART C: READING: I. Read the text và choose the best answers. SAFETY TIPS FOR BUS PASSENGERS Always maintain a queue while waiting (1)___ a bus. Never stand on queue on the middle of the road. At the time of boarding a bus vị not try khổng lồ run or chase the bus. Once you are inside the bus, (2)___ a seat & hold firmly on the handrail if you are standing. Never try khổng lồ (3)___ an overcrowded bus. Avoid (4)___ inside of a bus because your high-pitch noise may distract the attention of the driver và it could lead to lớn a major (5)___ accident. 1.A.for B.to C.on D.in 2.A.hold B.sit C.take D.find 3.A.choose B.go C.wait D.board 4.A.shout B.shouting C.to shout D.shouts 5.A.road B.way C.path D.street II. Read the following text carefully và choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each of the gap. Ewan McGregor was (1)___ in Scotland in 1971. He decided khổng lồ be an (2)___ when he was only nine và he (3)___his first film in 1992. So far in his career he has appeared (4)___ a lot of different types of films, including comedies, musical, dramas và the Star Wars movies. In his career Ewan has worked with like actresses Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman, và his films have won lots of awards. He loves acting và when he finished (5)___ the musical, Moulin Rouge, he said, “I have never been happier to vì chưng anything in my life”. 1. A. Bear B. Born C. Bearing D. To lớn bear 2. A. Acting B. Actress C. Actor D. Kích hoạt 3. A. Made B. Played C. Worked D. Starred 4. A. At B. On C. With D. In 5. A.

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Khổng lồ film B. Filmed C. Film D. Filming PART D: WRITING: I. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning khổng lồ the first one. 1.Nam spent two hours repainting his house. It took. 2. This painting is so beautiful. What 3. Let’s go khổng lồ the zoo on Sunday. What about 4. My car is cheaper than your car. Your car isTEST -2 SECTION I. LISTENING. (1.5 points – 0.25/each) Part 1. Listen lớn the recording twice. Choose the correct answer from A, B or C for each blank. 1. –“What were the gorillas like?” –“They moved really ___.” A. SlowlyB. SkillfullyC. Quickly 2. –“What did the pandas do?” –“They moved around ___.” A. Quickly B. Quietly C. Slowly 3. –“What did Phong see there?” –“He saw a lot of ___.” A. PeacocksB. TurtlesC. Chicken Part 2. Listen lớn the recording twice. Fill in each blank, with no more than one word. 4. Tony wants to lớn be strong and good at . 5. Mai would lượt thích to be a 6. Linda often draws .in her không tính phí time. SECTION II. PHONETICS. (1 points – 0.25/each) Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently. 7. A. Started B. Weighed C. Changed D. Called 8. A. Teacher B. Children C. School D. Watch 9. A. Mean B. Learn C. Meat D. Beach 10. A. Badminton B. Swimming C. Skillful D. Surprising SECTION III. USE OF LANGUAGE. (3 points – 0.25/each) Part 1. Choose the correct answers to complete the sentences. 11. They enjoy ___ the kites in their không tính tiền time. A. Fly B. Flying C. To fly D. Flied 12. You should ___ your hands before meals. A. To lớn wash B. Washing C. Wash D. Washes 13. Would you lượt thích ___ dinner with me tonight? A. Have B. Khổng lồ have C. Having D. Has 14. I don’t lượt thích beef. My mother doesn’t, ___. A. So B. Too C. Either D. Neither 15. Phái nam was scared___ seeing the dentist. A. Of B. To lớn C. For D. In 16. He is a ___soccer player. He plays soccer very well. A. Well B. Bad C. Good D. Badly 17. Mr. Cha is a (an) ___. He works hard on his farm. A. Farmer B. Engineer C. Teacher D. Doctor 18. Jack Cousteau invented a deep-sea diving ___ in the 1940s. A. Equipment B. Camera C. Scuba D. Vessel Part 2. Give the correct khung of the words in brackets. 19. Thirty years ago, people (watch) .black & white programs. 20. My mother always (wash) .the vegetables carefully before cooking. 21. We (not play) .soccer yesterday evening, we went lớn see a soccer match. 22. My family (have) .a vacation in Nha Trang next summer.SECTION IV. READING. (2.5 points – 0.25/each) Part 1. Using the words in the box to complete the passage. Carefully medicine asked stomachache Yesterday, ba went to lớn see a doctor because he had an awful (23) The doctor (24) .Ba some questions. Ba said he ate some spinach. The doctor said he must wash the spinach (25) Vegetables can be dirty. The dirt can make people sick. The doctor gave cha some (26) .to make him feel better. Part 2.Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in the following passage. Scientists say that life started in the ocean. However, humans aren’t natural swimmers. We can (27) ___ as babies, but we forget and then we must (28) ___ to lớn swim again. We must not (29) ___ that our world is mainly water. So we should all learn khổng lồ swim. We ought lớn try khổng lồ stay away from water, but it is very difficult. The time always comes when we need (30) ___ water. We (31) ___ learn to swim when we are young. It is (32) ___ khổng lồ learn then. Our parents can help. They can give us the opportunity to learn to swim. 27. A. CryB. LaughC. SwimD. Eat 28. A. LearnB. Khổng lồ learnC. LearnsD. Learning 29. A. ForgetsB. ForgotC. Lớn forgetD. Forget 30. A. CrossB. To crossC. CrossedD. Crossing 31. A. ShouldB. Shouldn’tC. MustD. Mustn’t 32. A. DifficultB. TiredC. EasyD. Bored SECTION V. WRITE. (2 points – 0.5/each) Part 1. Rearrange the following words into the meaningful sentences. 33. Ought to lớn / You / the pool lifeguards/ listen to/ carefully.  34. Summer / She / bought / souvenirs / last / vacation/ a lot of  Part 2. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to lớn the first. 35. Let’s go to the amusement center this evening.  What about 36. Cong Phuong plays soccer well.  Cong Phuong is THE END