Bat an eye là gì


Not bat an eye

If someone doesn"t bat an eye, they vày not react when other people normally would.

not bat an eyelid

Idiom(s): not bat an eyelidTheme: STABILITYto show no signs of distress even when something bad happens or something shocking is said.• Sam didn"t bat an eyelid when the mechanic told him how much the car repairs would cost.• The pain of the broken arm must have hurt Sally terribly, but she did not bat an eyelid.

not bat an eye

To not affectation alike a adumbration of an affecting response, such as consternation, annoyance, sadness, joy, etc. Mary didn"t alike bat an eye back I told her I was affective out. That guy is dangerous. I heard he dead a man after batting an eye.Learn more: bat, eye, not

not bat an eye

mainly AMERICANIf addition does not bat an eye
back article happens, they bởi vì not arise at all abashed or afraid by it. She never batted an eye back I told her I was abrogation my job. These bodies don"t bat an eye back they"re answerable 16 dollars a batter for cheese.

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Note: You can additionally say that addition does article without batting an eye. He handed over the money after batting an eye. Note: The accepted British announcement is not bat an eyelid. Note: Bat is from a French chat acceptation to exhausted or agitate & is acclimated of a bird"s wings. The abstraction is that bodies who vì chưng not blink a lot in a accustomed bearings arise calm rather than afraid or surprised. Learn more: bat, eye, not

not bat an eye

/eyelash Informal khổng lồ appearance no emotion; arise unaffected: The anchorman didn"t bat an beard while tài khoản the abominable news.Learn more: bat, eye, notLearn more:

not enough room to swing a cat not care two hoots about not buy not breathe a word of not breathe a word about not born yesterday not believe one"s eyes not bat an eyelid not all sth is cracked up khổng lồ be not agree with not able lớn wait not able to see the forest for the trees not able to make anything out of not able to lớn go on not all, everything, etc. Somebody/something is cracked up lớn be not always not amount lớn a hill of beans not an earthly not an iota not any hard feelings not anymore not anything going on upstairs not anything like not anything to boast about not anything to lớn choose from not anything lớn speak of not anything lớn write trang chủ about not anything upstairs not anywhere near not as (something) as all that not as bad, tall, etc. As all that not as đen as (one) is painted not as đen as you are painted not as young as (one) used to lớn be not as young as one used to lớn be not at all not at any price not at the races not bad not bat an eye not bat an eyelash not bat an eyelid not be a barrel of laughs not be a bed of roses not be a patch on somebody/something not be able to do something for toffee not be able to tell one end (of something) from the other not be about to vì something not be above not be above doing something not be all beer & skittles not be all day not be all morning not be all there not be cut out for something not be fussed not be getting any younger not be having any of it not be in the business of doing something not be in the same league/class/street not be long for this world not be lost on (someone) not be made of money not be much of a something not be much lớn look at

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